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Welcome to our enrolment process. Here's a few tips to make this as smooth as possible.

Please make sure you:

  • Read and understand the course requirements listed on the course page
  • Read the Student Handbook

Do you have the following information at hand?

  • USI (Unique Student Identifier)
    The USI is an Australia-wide student number which will allow you to track your training records across all Australian state and territories. The Australian Government requires you to have a USI to be issued with a certificate/statement for your training. If you don’t have a USI we may be able to create one for you. For more information and to register for a USI please visit

We will also be asking for copies of the following documents. These can be uploaded at the end of the form, or emailed separately later to (so don't panic if you don't have these now).

Document Why we ask for this
Photo ID showing your name and colour photo - eg. Licence or Passport Used for Identification to verify you in online sessions (if needed)
Evidence of your citizenship (Australia or New Zealand) or residency - eg. Birth Certificate, Passport, green Medicare Card, Naturalisation Certificate or, if you are from overseas, information about your Visa. Please contact us if you are unable to provide any of these. Used in assessment of your eligibility for government funding or VET Student Loans.
If you tell us that you receive (or are a dependent of a person that receives) a Commonwealth Government welfare benefit we will ask you to supply current Centrelink evidence showing the recipient's name, Centrelink Reference Number (CRN), and the benefit or allowance category. If you are a dependent, please also provide current evidence that Centrelink recognises you as a dependent. Used in assessment of eligibility for concessional fees (only applies if you are eligible for government funding).

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