Short Course

Understanding Farm Financial Statements

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Get a better understanding of the business side of your farm and have a greater input into the financial direction it is heading.

  • Course Information

    Are you paying your accountant to prepare your annual financial statements and then not understanding what is in them?

    Just getting your financials done as part of your tax return each year is missing a golden opportunity to find out more about where your business is heading. This workshop shows you how to read, understand and use that information in your business.

  • Units

    Topic 1

    Basic business structures

    Topic 2

    Overview of farm financial statements

    Topic 3

    Linkages between the statements

    Topic 4

    Profit and Loss Accounts

    Topic 5

    Balance Sheets

    Topic 6

    Converting the information to useful management information

    Topic 7

    Basic ratios – indicators of farm financial performance

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  • Delivery

    1 - Online Self-Paced

    Offered as a supported self paced online package. This means you can complete this training when it is convenient for you.

    2 - Online or 'Face to Face' group

    Workshops can be arranged online or in your area for groups of 12 or more, contact us if you wish to arrange a workshop.

  • Benefits

    Key Benefits

    • Flexible - self paced online or group delivery
    • Everyone with an internet connection has equal access to training
    • Training is delivered to you - wherever you have internet access
    • No travel time or travel costs
    • Access to online materials 24/7
    • Access to the best trainers who are farmers themselves, not just trainers who can visit your district
    • Work in groups from a wide geographic area
    • Training can continue even if you are travelling or cut off by floods or other natural disasters
    • Assessments are submitted online - fast turnaround times
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